Team Up Again EP


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"Team Up Again" EP

Andrew Connor, Mike Nolte, David Wetzel, Josh Adams, Jake Blanton, Suzannah Johannes, Konnor Ervin, Ryan Johnson


released April 13, 2010

"Team Up Again," "Ocean of Heat (Setting FIres)," and "Quell The Hunger" by Andrew Connor, arranged by Ghosty, Pretend Outlaw Music, ASCAP, 2010. "Virginia Song" by Rev. Howard Finster, arranged by Ghosty. "On A Saturday" by Jake Blanton, arranged by Ghosty.

"Team Up Again," "Setting Fires," "Virginia Song," and "On A Saturday" recorded and mixed at Run Riot / More Famouser Studios, Shawnee, KS, September 2009 through March 2010. Engineered and mixed by Mike Nolte and Ghosty.

"Quell The Hunger" recorded at Mixtape Soundlab, Lawrence, KS, January 2009 additional tracking and mixing and Run Riot / More Famouser studios, Shawnee, KS, and February 2010. Engineered and mixed by Mike Nolte and Ghosty.

Cover Art by Liz Connor


all rights reserved



GHOSTY Lawrence, Kansas

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Track Name: Team Up Again
started to seem like the times were harder
when you lost your father
and i lost my big game
everything had always been so easy
it was free and easy
no one made mistakes

in the movies everything's so casual
oh it's only natural but real love's not the same
so don't go down that old road again
only brings you pain

now it seems the days are darker faster
it's getting darker faster but our spring will begin
we'll go out again, we'll laugh about it
oh the silly way we're crawling out of our skin
kept awake by all the faces searching
those faces looking for to find a friend
and you and i, no we're not immune, we're searching too

but how can you and i team up again
though we broke our promises then?
i know you and i can team up again
though we broke our promises then
Track Name: Setting Fires(Ocean of Heat)
setting fires again in the field by my house
they saw the smoke so they're all coming out
policeman brings me home
mother's going to scold me scold me scold me
she told me but

fire's the greatest thing that i've ever seen
and the more often i'm warned, the more fire i see
an ocean of heat, the flames climbing higher
from the cupboards up to the telephone wires

fire's the greatest thing that i've ever known
and the more often i'm warned
the more often i go under the bed and into
the kit to find a match
searching for something to easily catch
Track Name: Virginia Song(Super Brain)
just a-hangin' around old virginia land
all the pretty girls fell into my hands
they leaned back on my thumbs
they looked up in my face
thought i heard them say
are you from space
i've got nothing to lose
everything is to gain
if i lose my mind i'll get a super brain
Track Name: Quell the Hunger
hey i really need you
to keep me strong today
but how it pains me to see
you melting down again
freaking out
splitting hairs
pacing up and down the stairs

across the net ping ponging
borrowing cash and longing
a sea of leggo houses
in and out of college
we all got a million
excuses for exhaustion
friends and their own demons
a trick to seem like something good

out for their next victim
you're sure it's you today
you run from shadowy figures
but what's your crime anyway?
you're down and out
up and down
stuck down in your maudlin frown

you're all things to all people
the necessary evil
helicopters hover
he's saying that he loves her
we all got a hund-a-red
ways to quell the hunger
and all our old diversions
we haven't got no younger
Track Name: On a Saturday
day's almost done so i fill up my cup
with sweet nothings that i used to hear
on a saturday
seems like yesterday
when you told me that i made you laugh

days fill me up so i pour out my cup
spilling all of my feelings and thoughts from the rest of me
will i ever be able to let myself go?

carry me the rest of the way
cus i'm almost home
traveling the time that it takes
is a lonely road

although you can't hear what i'm saying
i'll keep telling you and i'll play til it's through
remember the way that i started to say
something that might have been clever?

sun's almost up so i fill up my cup
with sweet nothings that i used to hear on a saturday